The Last Guardian Review

91syjhzlwel-_ac_sl1500_The Last Guardian for Play Station 4 is an action and adventure game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This game tells the story of a young boy who was captured and kidnapped and he must find a way to survive everything that will come in his way. This story is about survival and hope and you will find it very easy to get lost in this game. When the boy was young, he was taken from the safety of his village and thrown in to ancient ruins. Another main character in The Last Guardian is Trico, who is a part Vivian and part mammalian creature. The story focuses on the relationship between these two main characters and it is very important to their survival. These two characters are alone in ancient ruins and with the help of each other they face many threats that includes enemies, puzzles, etc. It doesn’t get easy for them as there is always a bigger threat around the corner that can end their lives.

The Last Guardian - Awesome Graphics
The Last Guardian – Awesome Graphics

In the beginning, the boy find an injured Trico lying on the floor of the ancient ruins and the boy understands that he should help this intimidating yet adorable creature if they are to survive this horrid place. Trico is injured and needs someone to take care of him and when he sees this young boy tending to his wounds, he starts to perk up to him. The boy is The Last guardian to this mystical beast named Trico and they share a bond that will shape the story of these two characters. They believe in each other and play to their strengths and weaknesses to survive the ancient ruins. The relationship between these two unlikely companions is simply beautiful.

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